Bees or Ticks


  In just about every article we read on preventing tick bites it’s either suggested we use DEET or Permethrin. I’ve read articles advising spraying Permethrin around your property, using it on deer feeding stations and in cattle lots. 

  We are facing a dilemma right now that I’m not sure everyone is aware of. We have Bees dying off colony by colony in the millions and the media focus has been on Monsanto et al. 

  So here’s the pickle, for sure Deet and Permethrin work to keep you from getting bit, but DEET can be toxic to humans at certain strengths. And Permethrin is one of many insecticides that are killing our bees but not so toxic to mammals except cats. (something tells me the verdict is still out on that one)

  Permethrin says ” In agriculture, permethrin is mainly used on cotton, wheat, maize, and alfalfa crops. Its use is controversial because, as a broad-spectrum chemical, it kills indiscriminately; as well as the intended pests, it can harm beneficial insects including honey bees, and aquatic life”

As more and more awareness of tick borne diseases spreads, so does the use of Permethrin.


About cheryllyme

I'm a very complex person at times with lots of interests and passions. I love a babies laugh, a kittens purr, the ocean lapping at my feet and the sun on my face. I'm a lover of Peace and a hater of hate and discontent. If I see something wrong I want to take action and fix it. Sitting and waiting is not an option. I love meeting people and see the good in almost everybody, but if I see something not good, I will speak up and say so. I suffer from Lyme Disease and other infections gifted to me by the bite of a teeny weeny little tick. More than 30 years of various ailments that couldn't be explained by any of the doctors I've seen, has whiddled my life away. Last year I was finally diagnosed as having Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, EBV and Babesiosis.
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