Don’t Assume

~Dear Doctor, Nurse, Friend, Neighbor,

Don’t assume for one minute that my loss of words, ringing in ears that makes it hard to hear and focus, the twitching in my eye that make it hard to see, my aching knees hips back elbows shoulders and neck, that I am Stupid or have a Somatic disorder aka mental problem.

I’m well enough to see that eye rolling, smirk and can hear the condescending tone in your voice when speaking to me. Outwardly I look just peachy don’t I? Come on in to where I’m at and you’ll be praying for death most days.
Next time someone tells you they have Lyme Disease or some insect borne illness, stop your judgement and the urge to tell that person all the other thousands of reasons they might be sick. Just Listen and lend a supporting hand, hug or smile and if you have the resources, learn more about what they are going through.

Sincerely, Ten’s of Thousands of Lyme Patients across this planet.
Cheryl S. ~


About cheryllyme

I'm a very complex person at times with lots of interests and passions. I love a babies laugh, a kittens purr, the ocean lapping at my feet and the sun on my face. I'm a lover of Peace and a hater of hate and discontent. If I see something wrong I want to take action and fix it. Sitting and waiting is not an option. I love meeting people and see the good in almost everybody, but if I see something not good, I will speak up and say so. I suffer from Lyme Disease and other infections gifted to me by the bite of a teeny weeny little tick. More than 30 years of various ailments that couldn't be explained by any of the doctors I've seen, has whiddled my life away. Last year I was finally diagnosed as having Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, EBV and Babesiosis.
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