Tis the Season to Check your Medication!!

Holy crazy Batman!!!!

Tis the season for all the “under medicated” and “over medicated” fruit loops to be at the store LOL! Gads! I was in the midst of insanity at Wegmans

I came out of an aisle a little too quickly and bumped into a woman’s cart. I said “oops, sorry” smiling at her and boy howdy did I get the biggest “eat poop and die b$%^h” look I ever got in my life.

Then I turn down aisle after aisle only to be blocked by someone staring blankly at the shelves while their cart is parked in the middle of the aisle. I honestly didn’t see a soul smile at anyone, just major grumpy people or people looking totally lost in it all.

Needless to say just the thought of it all made me smile more, there I was grinning at the eggnog, the meat section and the cheeses. Itching to whip around on the grumpiest person I see and loudly proclaim “Merry Christmas to you too!!!”

I instead, grabbed what I was after and ran for my life, fearing that the mood in there would rub off on me and I would be found staring blankly at a wall of crackers.

The moral of this is be sure before you head out to the store that your medication is not Over done or you didn’t take enough LOL!!


About cheryllyme

I'm a very complex person at times with lots of interests and passions. I love a babies laugh, a kittens purr, the ocean lapping at my feet and the sun on my face. I'm a lover of Peace and a hater of hate and discontent. If I see something wrong I want to take action and fix it. Sitting and waiting is not an option. I love meeting people and see the good in almost everybody, but if I see something not good, I will speak up and say so. I suffer from Lyme Disease and other infections gifted to me by the bite of a teeny weeny little tick. More than 30 years of various ailments that couldn't be explained by any of the doctors I've seen, has whiddled my life away. Last year I was finally diagnosed as having Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, EBV and Babesiosis.
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